Cheerleaders waiting for the football players to come on the field
Students in Science Class
Students at a  study table
Jr Hi and HS staff dress up for Halloween
Cross Country runners getting ready for a meet
Staff and Students getting ready for a pep rally in the gymnasium
Marching Band Practice In the Gymnasium
French Class students participating in an immersion day at Wright State University
Students observing a science experiment with their teacher
kindergarten story time
Student's looking at the new yearbook
End of Football Game Celebration
Spartan Special Olympics Team
Ms Ally brings her chickens to class
Looking at objects with a microscope
Graduation 2019 Events photos
Art Class
Classroom Time



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Scholarships Senior Scholarships

The following scholarship applications or information sheets are available in the Career Center. There are also links to the applications/information sheets in this list. Scholarships will be posted as they become available.  Please check frequently.

Scholarships posted 11-25-2019 in RED

Scholarship posted 12-3-2019 in YELLOW

Scholarships posted 12-12-2019 in GREEN

Scholarships posted 1-6-2020 in BLUE

Scholarships posted 1-9-2020 in PURPLE

Scholarships posted 1-14-2020 in ORANGE

Scholarship posted 1-16-2020 in LAVENDER

Scholarships posted 1-24-2020 in PINK

Scholarships posted 1-30-2020 in BROWN

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