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2024: Sam Booth, Rebecca Busch, Laurel Doubrava Jones, Justin Giddy, Jennifer Hughes, Shauna Kostival, Shelly Mansfield, Lisa Matheny, Jennifer Ray, Erin Roush, Marilyn Scurlock, Connie Sheets, Darla Sheets, Benjamin Shultz, Erin Shultz, Mary Ann Welsh

2025: Ron Addis, Kirk Crow, Adam Cullum, Dan Doseck (3), Aimee Francis (2), Morgan Hafner, Katherine Holdcroft, Karmin Holzaepfel, Charla Johnson (2), Jala Mace, Malinda Mowry, Kerry Payton, Elizabeth Poston, Lee Raines (5), Julie Rice, Matthew Rosler, Jessica Rumley, Lindsay Schaller, Kenny Slone, Stephanie Stamper, Erica Swart

Resident Educators license expire in:


2023: Jansen Jeffers, Madison Geisige

2024: Emily Legenza

2026: Morgan Grinstead (alternative license), Jenna Jordan


Tracy Lawrence, Dave McLaughlin (2), Jennifer Norris, and Mary Ann Welsh

(#) Refers to the number of licenses.

Fees: Renewal or transition of 5-year license (PLEASE NOTE THE $25 OF THE FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE)

  • $200 for the first license type and $20 for each additional license or type requested with the same effective year,$20 to align a certificate or an expiring license to an existing 5-year license,$20 to correct effective year

A certificate may be transitioned to a 5-year license at any time all requirements have been met.

An application for a 5-year renewal may be submitted only after NOVEMBER 1 of the year of expiration, but at the time of renewal the license may be aligned to an existing 5-year professional license

LPDC Committee Meeting Dates for the 2023-24 School Year are as follows:

Monday, October 2, 2023

Monday, November 6, 2023

Monday, March 4, 2024

Monday, April 8, 2024

Monday, May 6, 2024


1. a copy of your license/certificate
2. college transcripts
3. all proof of professional development

AFTER THE MEETING: (AFTER NOVEMBER 1st) and before the certificate expiration you will need to follow the steps for renewing on-line. 
*You will also need to get an FBI background check (if your fingerprints have expired) at the Athens-Meigs ESC at the former Chauncey Elementary School in Chauncey, Ohio.  The results will be sent by the ESC to ODE. Once you receive an email confirmation, you may begin counting your credits/hours by the date that appears on your license.  Therefore, the sooner the application is mailed, the better!  

Athens-Meigs ESC

The office address is 21 Birge Drive, Chauncey, Ohio  45719.  However, the mailing address is Athens-Meigs ESC, Post Office Box 40, Chauncey, Ohio  45719.  The phone number is 740-797-0064 and the fax number is 740-797-0070.

Background Checks

FBI checks and fingerprints must be done every five years. The cost at the Athens-Meigs ESC is $30.00.  In addition, any applicant who has not lived in Ohio continuously for the past five years also must complete a federal criminal background check through the Federal Bureau of Investigation ($27.00).  

The hours of operation are 8:00 until 4:30 Monday through Friday.  You may contact the ESC at their Chauncey location.

*Please be certain to check the box that requires the results to be sent to ODE if you are using a different location than the ESC. (two total copies- one to ODE and one to the ESC)

Ohio University's Police Department charges $58.00 for BCI and FBI checks and $28.00 for each individual.  Their hours of operation are 8:00-7:00 Monday though Friday and 10:00-2:00 Saturday.  The phone number is 593-1911. 

Please bring driver's license and cash or check.


Melissa Johnson:   Ext. 133

Julie Rice:  Chair   Ext.114 

Connie Sheets: Ext. 116

Darla Sheets:    Ext.239 

Rachel Terry: Ext 121 

Kerry Bullock: Ext. 420 

Stephanie Stamper   LPDC secretary

Mary Ann Welsh Ext. 434

Lee Rains (admin.) Ext 503

Megan Karr (admin) Ext. 410


3-year terms

Term expires in 2024:  Darla Sheets, Stephanie Stamper, Kerry Bullock, Megan Karr, Lee Raines, Melissa Johnson, Connie Sheets

Term expires in 2025:  Julie Rice, Rachel Terry

If you are planning to leave the district, it is in your best interest to have us verify professional hours earned at Alexander BEFORE YOU GO.  Here are the steps:

1. Make an appointment to attend one of the meetings. 
2. Bring evidence of completed hours earned since the date that is listed on your current license. 
3. Our committee will verify the hours and complete a state-approved form.
4. Take the form and your IPDP to your LPDC representative at your next school. 
5. Your hours will be accepted.

LPDC Downloads