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The "Momo Challenge"

We would like to inform you of games surfacing on social media that are harmful to your child.  The "Momo challenge" on social media has been documented to be harmful for children.  This game has been created overseas and is spreading through social media by WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube. The "Momo" video has been inserted in the middle of some "education" and children videos as well. I’ve attached 2 links to news articles regarding the new dangerous trend circulating on social media for our students. This has surfaced on Facebook and an awareness is growing. We ask parents to be aware and cautious with what your children are watching and how they are using their electronic devices.  We have adjusted our internet filtering as best we can to lower the chance of the content to be available on our networks.  Youtube claims that the content is not available on their servers but is encouraging parents to flag videos that are suspect. The best practice is to monitor your students use of all internet capable devices.

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