AFF 2020 Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Winners for 2020 Last Updated: 10/16/2021 11:49 AM



You may view the Awards Presentation at Alexander's YouTube Channel.

  • Jennet Ackerman Memorial Scholarship—Nina Holzaepfel
  • Alexander FFA Alumni Scholarship in Memory of John Sewell, Adam Fitzgerald, and Nathan Coe—Drew Harris
  • Albany VFW Post 9893 Honorary Scholarship—Bryanna Cooper and Braydon Montgomery
  • Alexander Faculty and Staff Honorary Scholarship—Ella Busch
  • Gary Bartlett Memorial Scholarship—Joel Trogdon
  • Don and Lucille Battrell Memorial Scholarship—Nina Holzaepfel
  • Lawrence Bean Memorial Scholarship—Ella Karagosian
  • Bryan Bell Memorial Scholarship—Ella Busch
  • Everett Boggess Memorial Scholarship—Emma Buswell
  • Chris Bolin Memorial Scholarship—Karsyn Raines
  • Bray Family Memorial Scholarship—Emily Scott
  • Brooks Family Honorary Scholarship—Brooke Casto
  • Ray and Margret Brooks Memorial Scholarship—Cameron Adler
  • Charles Butcher Memorial Scholarship—Emma Buswell
  • Wilbur Conkey Honorary and Mary Conkey Nardo Memorial Scholarship—Erin Scurlock
  • Cornwell Family Honorary Scholarship—John Hobbs
  • Mexie and Max Crabtree Memorial Scholarship—Bryana Wallace
  • Ward Cunningham Memorial and Darleen Cunningham Honorary Scholarship—Nina Holzaepfel
  • Jeannie Johnson Dawson and Kerri Dawson Wagner Memorial Scholarship—Ella Busch
  • Randy Dillinger Honorary Scholarship—Jadyn Mace
  • Scott and Don Dillinger Memorial Scholarship—Lincoln Meyer
  • David Enlow Memorial Scholarship—Joel Trogdon
  • Dr. David Glenn Evans Memorial Scholarship—Ella Karagosian
  • Ryan Ferguson Memorial Scholarship—Issac York
  • Noah Gillogly Memorial ScholarshipT.J. Vogt
  • Chris Grant Memorial Scholarship—Erin Stevenson
  • Hamill Family Memorial ScholarshipElla Busch
  • Thomas R. Hutchinson Family Memorial Scholarship—Cameron Adler
  • Adam Jolley Memorial Scholarship—Lincoln Meyer
  • Megan Keffer Memorial Scholarship—Cameron Adler
  • Jerry Keiter Memorial Scholarship—Brooke Barnes
  • Kennedy-Swaim Memorial Scholarship—Emma Buswell
  • Robert Lee King Memorial Scholarship—Brooke Barnes
  • Anne Laufman Memorial Scholarship—Emma Lewellyn
  • Brandon, Sharon, Greg Lowry and Vela Kay Hunter Memorial Scholarship—Emma Llewellyn
  • Eric Mansfield Memorial Scholarship—Emily Scott
  • Tammy Marks-Jordan Memorial Scholarship—T.J. Vogt
  • James McCamish Memorial Scholarship—Sindell Smith
  • Greg McDaniel Memorial Scholarship—Erin Scurlock
  • Jim McHarg Memorial and Uva McHarg Honorary Scholarship—Erin Scurlock
  • Dr. Lilian McGregor Mitchell Memorial Scholarship—Brooke Casto
  • Dawn Moore Memorial Scholarship—T.J. Vogt
  • Ed Pennington Memorial Scholarship—Isaac York
  • Thelma Raines Honorary Scholarship—Karsyn Raines
  • Lewis and Helen Sauer Memorial Scholarship—Bryana Wallace
  • Kevin Shaner Memorial Scholarship—Erin Stevenson
  • Edna Stalder Honorary Scholarship—Ella Karagosian
  • Joe and Mabel Theiss Memorial Scholarship—Lincoln Meyer
  • Thomas D. Trizna Memorial Scholarship—Sindell Smith
  • Edward Waldron Memorial ScholarshipRylee Hayes
  • Barry West Memorial Scholarship—Brooke Casto
  • Bill Whaley Memorial ScholarshipRylee Hayes
  • Josephine Williamson Memorial ScholarshipJadyn Mace
  • Todd Wingett Memorial ScholarshipBrooke Barnes
  • Robert Withrow Memorial Scholarship—Brooke Barnes
  • Wood Family Honorary Scholarship—Isaac York



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