(501)(c)(3) STATUS

Alexander's Future Foundation is a (501)(c)(3)organization. 

No goods or services are exchanged for donation.



Alexander’s Future Foundation was established in 1992 by interested community members and school personnel to provide financial support for graduates pursuing post-secondary training. The scholarships are sent directly to the institution for tuition or fees.

Thanks to the generous contributions from community members and Alexander staff, Alexander’s Future Foundation’s principal balance continues to grow, allowing the foundation to use the interest to steadily increase the number of awarded scholarships.

Scholarships based on financial need, academic achievement, intended majors, and/or service to the community will be awarded to Alexander High School students in May of each year. These begin at $500.

Table of Contents:

History, Board, Meetings and FAQ
Applying For A Scholarship
Creating A Scholarship
Donor News
Scholarship News
Memorial News
2019 Awardees
Scholarship Catalog (to be posted with new updates soon)



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CONTACT:  Lois Harkins at or 740-592-4184.