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Contributions may be sent to Alexander's Future Foundation, Post Office Box 204, Albany, Ohio  45710.  If donating in memory or in honor of an individual or group, please list the name on the memo line of the check.  An acknowledgement letter will be sent to you upon receipt.  Further, a letter to the family will be mailed announcing your gift;  however, the amount will be omitted.   Cash donations can be accepted in person at school.   However, please do not leave until a prompt receipt is given.




THANK YOU to our September 2021 contributor:  Dan Greene

THANK YOU to our September 2021 Alexander contributors: Danny Burke, Becky Busch, Andrea Carr, Mark Chapman, Andrea Chimo, Caleb Congrove, Adam Cullum, Jennifer Cullum, Beth DiBenedetto, Tom Fauber, Amy Gould,  Lori Guthrie, Karrie Hanning, Jordan Hill, Karmi Holzaepfel, Charla Johnson, Laurel Doubravo Jones, Jim Kearns, Kaitlin Krugman, Shelly Mansfield, Rich Maskiell, Lisa Matheny, Misty Montgomery,  Malinda Mowry, Jenny Norris, Carla Pratt-Harrington, Dani Regan, Taylor Rhyan, Wanda Richards,  Abby Rouse,  Lindsay Schaller, Marilyn Scurlock, Chad Sheets, Connie Sheets, Angie Taggart, and Mary Ann Welsh.

THANK YOU to our August 2021 contributor: Diane Dunn

THANK YOU to our July 2021 contributors: Maryrose and Kris Darst.

THANK YOU to our June contributors: Bill and Lois Harkins, Jan Cunningham Hodson and Thomas S. Hodson, and Pamela Decker-Knapp.

THANK YOU to our May 2021 contributors: Albany VFW Post 8983, Alexander FFA Alumni Association, Sally Ball, Beverly Guider, Bill and Lois Harkins, and Richland Auto Parts, LLC.

THANK YOU to our April 2021 contributors:  Sally Ball, Robert Bray, and Nicholas and Amanda Hurne.

THANK YOU to our March 2021 contributors:   Janet Cullum, Otto and Marie Cullum, Lisa Dael, Bill and Lois Harkins, Melissa Hicks, Jordan and Lauren Hill, Paul and Deanna Jellison, Thomas Minogue, Sue and Steven Mitchell and Tamara Hawk, Stephen and Mary Catherine Thomas, West Shore Bar Association, Veterans of Foreign Warns VFW Post 9893, and Nedra and Fred Zirkle.

THANK YOU to our February 2021 contributors: Dean Berry (Woodland Management Ltd.), Clifford Bonner, III and Lisa BonnerLacy Burke, Luanne Caughey, Larry and Linda Kay Crum, Federal Hocking FFA Alumni Association, Francis Richard Gaeta, Bill and Lois Harkins, Harry and Rebecca McCutcheon, David Miller, II, Joseph and Pamela Shuman, Daniel Wallace, David and Carol Chase Willoughby, and Michelle and Barrett Zimmerman. 

THANK YOU to our January 2021 contributors:  Brice Adams and Margaret Stice, Athens County Auditor's Staff, Sally Ball, Rick and Cassandra Bowen, Connie and John Branner, Brad and Cheryl Brooks, Brien and Judy Burke, Ranson and Bernice Calaway, Karen Chapman, Linda and Robert (Pete) Clark, Jack and Kay Cline, Kayla Cline and Chase Gould, Charles Congrove, Barbara and Darrin Cremeans, Karen Deardorff, Steve and Linda Dillinger, Joseph and Sherry Evans, Facebook Anonymous Donation, Karen Gardner, Matthew and Amy Gibbs, Lisa Grays, Paul and Mary Ann Kilzer, Donald and Christy Carsey Lee, William and Ann Garrett, Hare Electric, Inc., Bill and Lois Harkins, Heartwood Acres, LLC (Suzanne Mansfield), Jane Helen Linscott, Elizabeth and John Mayo, Mollica, Gall, Sloan, and Sillery Co. LPA, Jane and David Nogrady, Jerry and Cindy Royse, Debra West, Travis and Carma West, and Rosalie Wingett.

THANK YOU to our December 2020 contributors:  Teresa and Eric Emmert and Bill and Lois Harkins.

THANK YOU to our November 2020 contributors:  Alexander Elementary Teachers, Anonymous Alexander Staff Members, Susie and Gregg Andrews, Denby and Theresa Bledsoe, Molly Baumgartel, Sandy Bond, Becky and Chuck Busch, Andrea Chimo, Adam Cullum, Beverly Guider, Bill and Amy Gould, Bill and Lois Harkins, Jennifer Hughes, Tracie and Bryan Jordan, Phyllis Lorubbio, Natalie Lucas, Doug and Shelly Mansfield, Kelly McCarty, Jonetta and Jeff Niggemeyer, Ohio Association of Public School Employees, Harold and Kerry Payton, Blake and Dani Regan, Marilyn and Kevin Scurlock, Connie and Michael Sheets, Robert and Sandy Thomas, and Mary Ann Welsh.

THANK YOU to our October 2020 contributors:  Donna Davies, Bill and Lois Harkins, John Mitchell, and Steve and Martha Sloan.



Thirty-six  Alexander employees donated $4620.00 through payroll deductions for the 2021-2022 school year.  Your continued partnership is valued.  Thank you!

(Additional donations are expected.  Stay tuned!)

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The following accounts received donations September 2020 to September 2021:

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Albany VFW Post 9893

Alexander Faculty and Staff

Tara Bolen

Chris Bolin

Wanda Burke

Charles A. Butcher

Jeff Cullum

Allie Douglas

Brendon Gall

Davis Greene

Adam Jolley

Cynthia Kaldis

Eric Mansfield

Dr. Lilian Mitchell

Thelma Raines

R.J. Sochia

David Turrill

Alicia Walls

Bill Whaley