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THANK YOU to our April 2023 contributors:  Anonymous, Greg and Janice Blower, Brien and Judy Burke, Joe and Beth Glenn, Bill and Lois Harkins, Robert and Sally Spero, and Dick and Kathy Woolison.

THANK YOU to our March 2023 contributors: Albany VW Post 9893, Alexander School Employees, Alexander's Teacher Association, Larry Buell and Carla Hudnell, Donald Gibbs, Larry and Beth Gibbs, Michael and Rebecca Gribbler, Catherine Hare, Frances Keirns, Christopher Mack, Howard Mayne, David Miller, Shiv Sachdev, and David and Amy Wadley.

THANK YOU to our  February 2023 contributors: Bruce and Melisa Hare and Joe and Pam Shuman

THANK YOU to our January 2023 contributors: The Hare Family:  Frank, Catherine, Bruce, Keith, Carol, Nancy, and Mark.

THANK YOU to our December 2022 contributors: Maria Arend, Nick Kaldis, Peter Kaldis, Maury and Jan Mittleman, and Joe and Pam Shuman.

THANK YOU to our October 2022 contributors: Larry Baringer, Charlene Berry, Brien and Judy Burke, Robert Gaul, Jo Gillogly, Chuck and Phyllis Mansfield, Virgil and Diane Reeves, Sam and Sheila Theiss, Erin and Kyle Thomas, Pat and James Watson, and Susan Wickline and Family.

THANK YOU to September 2022 Contributors: Julia Brown, Laura Chapman, Carlie Culp, Bob and Margaret DePue, William and Lynn Isham, and Keith Kelly and Audra Burke.

THANK YOU to August 2022 Contributors: Sally Ball, Susan Calhoun, Lora and Alfred Clapp, Linda Crabtree, Bill and Lois Harkins, Don Kincade, Don Hawk, Harry Largent, Janice McDaniel-Blower, Bill and Janelle Mellinger, Pamela Pratt, Aaron Schrim, and Nancy Wood.

THANK YOU to our July 2022 contributors: Sally Ball and MaryRose and Kris Darst.

THANK YOU to our June 2022 contributors: Alexander Local School District Teachers Association and Kate Jones.

THANK YOU to our May 2022 contributors:  Bill and Lois Harkins, Lucy Juedes, Ed Largo via Benevity Donors, Karen Paneth, Rob and Heidi Sochia







Fifty  Alexander employees donated $6,666.00 through independent gifts and payroll deductions for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Your continued partnership is valued.  Thank you!

THANK YOU to 2022-2023 Alexander Employee Contributors:  Jamie Blick, Sam Booth, Amy Braverman, Jessica Buckley, Kerry Bullock, Danny Burke, Becky Busch, Andrea Carr, Andrea Chimo, Caleb Congrove, Kirk Crow, Adam Cullum, Jennifer Cullum, Kevin Dael, Bryan Ford, Amy Gould, Lori Guthrie, William Hampton, Karrie Hanning, Jordan Hill, Karmi Holzaepfel, Jenny Hughes, Charla Johnson, Jim Kearns, Kaitlin Krugman, Natalie Lucas, Amy Mansfield, Shelly Mansfield, Rich Maskiell, Lisa Matheny, Andrew Monk, Misty Montgomery, Bryan McCullum, Megan McElligott, Dave McLaughlin, Kimberely Napper, Jenny Norris, Beth Pettey, Carla Pratt-Harrington, Dani Regan, Taylor Rhyan, Julie Rice, Lindsay Schaller, Marilyn Scurlock, Chad Sheets, Connie Sheets, Darla Sheets, Stephanie Stamper, Angie Taggart, and Mary Ann Welsh.

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The following accounts received donations October 2022 to October 2023:

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Albany VFW Post 9893

David Ashworth

Sally Ball

Ball-Shuman Family

David Fritchley

Tammy Gabriel

Dave Garrod

Jeff Gillogly

Noah Gillogly

Steven Gillogly

Dave Hamill

Bruce Hare

Catherine Hare

Frank Hare

Keith Hare

Mark Hare

Nancy Hare

Cynthia Kaldis

William Kaldis

Charles Lee

Joe Limoli

Eric Mansfield

Jim McHarg

Uva McHarg

Pat Olbers

Darlene Smith

Joe Theiss

Sandy Thomas

Tom Trizna

Barry West