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My very first assignment as a teacher was with an 8th grade Language Arts class. I loved it so much that I didn't change grade levels for four years. When my husband and I moved (We did that a lot!) I found myself teaching high school English. (My certificate was for 7-12 comprehensive English/Language Arts). While I missed my 8th graders, I enjoyed digging deeper into great literature with these older students and watching them grow into remarkable writers.

Years passed and I eventually I wound up with a degree that allowed me to work with gifted students in grades K-12. With this, I could pretty much work with students at any grade level.

Throughout our family's frequent travels around the state, I've had the wonderful opportunity to teach in several Ohio school districts. I learned that I actually loved being a full time elementary teacher the very best--something I wouldn't have known if I hadn't kept learning. 

My husband and I have four children and (so far) four beautiful grandchildren ages 3 and up. When we are not working, we can be found cooking, gardening, or just hanging out with family.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, student or a community member, please check out some of the links posted here. It's always a work in progress. (At any given moment you may find things being removed or updated), but hopefully, you'll also find something useful.  


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