Change for a Change

Last Updated: 4/2/2019 1:45 PM

Change for a Change



The Timothy HouseBuddy Bench




We have held a charity drive every year for the last ten or so years and have raised close to $25,000.00 as a result for some important causes. We have consistently raised $1,000.00 or more per year (we raised around $2,500.00 last year!) and the last two years we have given our students the opportunity to really see the impact of what their generous donations brought by
donating to local charities such as the Athens County Dog Shelter and My Sister’s Place. We surveyed our students again this year, asking which charity they would like to donate to, and selected a great local organization which we believe will foster a greater sense of ownership in giving. Through donations and challenges, we are hoping to raise money to help purchase supplies to improve our school climate by permanently installing a Buddy Bench as well as making a donation to The Timothy House.

In the past we have had a wicker bench generously donated to us from C & E True Value Hardware that we placed under our shade structures on the playground and used as a Buddy Bench. It has been well-used and the weather has not been kind to it and we believe it is time for an upgrade to a more sturdy and permanent bench that we can use for that purpose. The
purpose of the Buddy Bench is to promote friendship and give students who have a more difficult time initiating play an easier avenue to join in with others and enjoy their time on the playground. Students who sit on the Buddy Bench will be asked by others to join in on their play. This is great for students who may be working on their social skills or just having a bad day. We are hoping to raise $850.00 for this project.

All of the rest of the money we raise (excluding operation costs) will go to a local charity. Of the $2,500.00 we raised last year, $1,200.00 of it went to My Sister’s Place! This year our students were given information on five different charities and we asked them during their lunch who they thought we should raise funds for. After tallying the votes, The Timothy House won with
45.2% of the vote. From their website, The Timothy House provides “a domestic safe, clean, stable, temporary, yet homelike place for people to BE while the residents work on the issues in their lives, which led to the situation of their homelessness.” We are excited to be able to help out this important fixture in our community. We also feel that this is a great opportunity to
continue to reinforce our goal of instilling empathy into our students and educating them, age appropriately, on how our community rises up to help those in need.



Thanks to many generous donations from our students and our community we were able to raise just over $2,000.00!!! This means that we will be able to purchase a Buddy Bench and donate to The Timothy House. Thank you so much to those who donated!