Operating Levy FAQ



* Passage of this levy will allow our district to maintain the high standards of education we provide every child. This levy will keep reasonable class sizes of 25 students or less. Also, Alexander Schools will be able to preserve and attract high quality teachers and support staff.

* Due to budget cuts, the school district has not had any money for new buses in years. Passage of this levy will allow the district to replace some of their oldest buses, increasing our children’s’ safety every day on their ride to school.

* Our children need this levy. If this levy fails outdated textbooks cannot be replaced and athletic programs will have to be reduced. Staff will also have to be cut district-wide, on top of the reductions that have taken place in recent years.

* This tax levy will only apply to earned income. This levy would not affect retirement income, social security, disability, unemployment, investment income or similar income types.

* Alexander Schools is a great steward of public money; they have not needed new operating funds in over 25 years. The school district is asking for this levy because State funding is shrinking and has been cut by over $2.5 million dollars since 2009. 


State Foundation Funding Graph        


Operating Cost - Student Graph