(501)(c)(3) STATUS

Alexander's Future Foundation is a (501)(c)(3)organization. No goods or services are exchanged for donations.







  • Albany VFW Honorary Scholarship—Tyler Martin

  • Alexander Faculty and Staff Scholarship—Mason Chapman

  • Ball-Shuman Memorial and Honorary Scholarship—Jaycie Kuhn

  • Don and Lucille Battrell Memorial Scholarship—Turner Andrews

  • Lawrence Bean Memorial Scholarship—Jenna Montle

  • Bryan Bell Memorial Scholarship—Jordan McClain

  • Tara Bolen Memorial Scholarship—Maddie Kish

  • Chris Bolin Memorial Scholarship—Kendall Meeks

  • Bray Family Memorial Scholarship—Katie McDonald

  • Brooks Family Scholarship—Kendall Meeks

  • Everett and Bernice Conkey and Mary Nardo Memorial Scholarship—Nathan Goss

  • Mexie and Max Crabtree Memorial Scholarship—Blue Kennedy

  • Rebecca Darst Memorial Scholarship—Mason Moore

  • Randy Dillinger Honorary Scholarship—Meghan Trout

  • Loretta Doudna Memorial Scholarship—Victoria Norman

  • Allie Douglas Memorial Scholarship—Maddie Kish

  • David Enlow Memorial Scholarship—Katie McDonald

  • Dr. David Evans Memorial Scholarship—Caysee Kisor

  • Fanning and Howey Architect Honorary Scholarship—Darema Holley

  • Ryan Ferguson Memorial Scholarship—Darema Holley

  • FFA Alumni Scholarship in Memory of John Sewell, Adam Fitzgerald, and Nathan Coe—Kayla Cline

  • Jeff and Steven Gillogly Memorial Scholarship—McKenzie Jones

  • Noah Gillogly Memorial Scholarship--Nathan Goss

  • Hamill Family Memorial Scholarship—Caysee Kisor

  • Lawrence Haskell Memorial Scholarship—Erika Chase

  • Tom Hutchison Memorial Scholarship—Kelli Kearns

  • Adam Jolley Memorial Scholarship—Derek Mecum

  • Megan Keffer Memorial Scholarship—Marianne Swart

  • Jerry Keiter Memorial Scholarship—Walker Shaffer

  • Brandon, Sharon, Greg Lowry and Vela Kay Hunter Memorial Scholarship—Kyle Howard

  • Eric Mansfield Memorial Scholarship—Levi Zimmerman

  • James McCamish Memorial Scholarship—Meghan Trout

  • Rebecca Meeks Memorial Scholarship—Mikayla McCabe

  • Ed Pennington Memorial Scholarship—Meghan Trout

  • Kelly Rine Honorary Scholarship—Cory Chapman

  • David Rolston Memorial and Rick Rolston Honorary Scholarship—Mikayla McCabe

  • Lewis and Helen Sauer Memorial Scholarship—Bryce LeMaster

  • Kevin Shaner Memorial Scholarship—Jackie Jordan

  • Joe Theiss Memorial Scholarship—Anna Perry

  • Robert Withrow Memorial Scholarship—Erika Chase

  • Dr. Kenneth Woods Memorial Scholarship—Kyle Howard

  • Wood Family Memorial Scholarship— Tyler Martin




Please click on the link below to read AFF's Booklet originally produced by Connie Knowlton Sharp, with additions by Susie Andrews and Lois Harkins.  The book is current through May 2016.

AFF Booklet 2016


Scholarship Biographies

Full biographies and scholarship criteria are avaliable by clicking on the booklet above and then scrolling to the listed page number.

  • Jennett Ackerman--page 4
  • Albany VFW Honorary Scholarship--page 32
  • Alexander Faculty and Staff--page 3
  • Alexander FFA Alumni Association--page 31
  • Benjamin Ball, Glenna Ball, Lucille Shuman and Sally Ball--page 5
  • Gary Bartlett--page 4
  • Lucille and Don Battrell--page 6
  • Lawrence Bean--page 28
  • Bryan Bell--page 7
  • Everett Boggess--page 7
  • Tara Marcell Bolen--page 10
  • Chris Bolin--page 14
  • Bray Family--page 11
  • William Ray and Margaret Thompson Brooks--page 10
  • Brooks Family--page 21
  • Everett and Bernice Conkey and Mary Nardo--page 22
  • Mexie and Max Crabtree--page 11
  • Ward and Darlene Cunningham--page 12
  • Rebecca Mae Darst--page 13
  • Don and Scott Dillinger--page 15
  • Randy Dillinger--page 14
  • Loretta A. Doudna--page 13
  • Allie Douglas--page 16
  • David Enlow--page 15
  • Dr. David Glen Evans--page 16
  • Fanning and Howey--page 9
  • Ryan Ferguson--page 17
  • Jeffrey Allen and Steven Gillogly--page 17
  • Noah Gillogly--page 19
  • Hamill Family--page 22
  • Lawrence Haskell, Junior--page 8
  • Tom Hutchison--page 9
  • Adam Wayne Jolley--page 18
  • Megan Keffer--page 3
  • Jerry Keiter--page 33
  • Ada Kennedy and Clifton E. Swaim--page 20
  • Anne Laufman--pge 32
  • Vela Kay Hunter and Brandon, Sharon, and Greg Lowry--page 20
  • James A. McCamish--page 23
  • Greg McDaniel--page 23
  • Eric Mansfield--page 30
  • Rebecca Meeks--page 24
  • James E. Pennington--page 28
  • Thelma J. Raines--page 12
  • Kelly Rine--page 24
  • David and Rick Rolston--page 25
  • Lewis and Helen Sauer--page 25
  • Kevin Shaner--page 26
  • Joe and Mabel Theiss--pge 26
  • Ed Waldron--page 21
  • Barry L. West--page 27
  • Bill J. Whaley--page 30
  • Josephine Williamson--page 27
  • Charles G. Wingett--page 29
  • Robert Eugene Withrow--page 29
  • Wood Family--page 8
  • Ken Woods--page 31



Please click here to view photos of 2016 Alexander's Future Foundation recipients, their scholarship, and college of choice. Permission to include photos was included on the application form. A special thank you to Lisa Matheny and Mark Rice for their assistance building this page.

2016 Photos




Please click on the link below to access the complete listing of scholarship recipients through 2016.




After twenty-five years of devoted service as treasurer to Alexander's Future Foundation, Edna retired from the Board of Trustees in June.   What began with a $40.00 has exceeded over $800,000.00 under her careful command.  Many, many thanks and always best wishes. 



Enjoy these recent messages from grateful recipients and their families:

~~"My deepest thanks for your interest in my future."
~~"You have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school--learning."
~~"Your generosity has inspired me to help others and 
give back to the community."
~~"I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals 
just as you have helped me."
~~"This scholarship will help so much as my son begins this next step of his education."
~~"AFF means so much to this community.  Doing these kinds of things to help our children get started is just one of the things that makes me proud to be from Alexander!"
~~"This gift is much appreciated.  Thank you."
~~"I want to personally thank you for selecting me to receive the scholarship, which will greatly help further my hope to become a special education teacher."




THANK YOU to our March 2017 contributor:  Chuck Busch

THANK YOU to our February 2017 contributor:  David Miller

THANK YOU to our January 2017 contributors:  Sally Ball and Thomas Nolan

THANK YOU to our December 2016 contributors:  Lillian and Nicholas Dinos

THANK YOU to our November 2016 contributors:  Chuck Busch, Pam Decker-Knapp, Frank Doudna, Bill and Lois Harkins, and Lee Raines.

THANK YOU to our October 2016 contributors:  Chris Grant Fundraiser, Les Cornwell, Bill and Lois Harkins, and John Theiss.

THANK YOU to our September 2016 contributors:  Kara and Alan Bolin, Ben Carsey, Nicole Conrath, Les Cornwell, Corner Store Corporation, Christy Denny, Fine Lawn Care, Jeff and Shari Gabriel, Denton and Lori Guthrie, Jamie Hart, Bryan and Tracie Jordan, Larry's Dawg House, Rita and Roger Lonas,  Living Water Worship Center, Paul's Muffler LLC, Kay, Rob, Lucas, and Taylor Rhyan, Cathy Shumway, Alan Trout, Kimberly and Michael Trout,  and Terri Wagner.

THANK YOU to our August  2016 contributors: Susie Andrews, Scott Auflick, Missy Baker, Jamie Blick, Sam Booth, Amrik Brar, Dan Burke, Becky Busch, Andrea Carr, Amy Carroll, Mark Chapman, Hannah Charbel, Andrea Chimo, Kirk Crow, Kevin Dael, Beth DiBenedetto, Frank Doudna, Tom Fauber, Bryan Ford, Amy Gould, Karrie Hanning, Dave Hawk, Dan Hendershott, Katie Holdcroft, Karmi Holzaepfel, Beth Horton, Jennifer Hughes, Charla Johnson, Kasey Harris, Jim Kearns, Erin Litchfield, Kim Lovsey, Amy Mansfield, Shelly Mansfield, Rich Maskiell, Lisa Matheny, Bryan McCullum, Kahtleen McDougle, Megan McElligott, Dave McLaughlin, Andrew Monk, Kerry Payton, Beth Pettey, Carla Pratt-Harrignton, Julie Randolph, Dani Regan, Julie Rice, Mark Rice, Wanda Richards, Abby Rouse, Erin Roush, Marilyn Scurlock, Chad Sheets, Connie Sheets, Darla Sheets, Stephanie Stamper, Cheryl Swart, Rachel Terry, Francis Tullius, and Mary Ann Welsh.

THANK YOU to our July 2016 contributors:  Charles Busch, Maryrose and Kris Ann Darst

No donors for June 2016.

THANK YOU to our May 2016 contributors:  Nicholas and Lillian Dinos and Diane Dunn.

THANK YOU to our April 2016 contributors:  Melissa Bachtel, Erin Evans, Tammy and Greg Jones, Larry Patrick, and Jamie and Todd Saunders.

THANK YOU to our March 2016 contributors:  Alexander High School Class of 2016, Alexander Local Schools Staff, Anonymous, Dick Grinstead, Robert Kaitz, Zachary and Darleen Lustgarten, David and Patricia Miller, Scott Sanders, Travis and Jill Thompson, and Vander Ven Family.



Sixty Alexander employees donated $6969.00 through payroll deductions for the 2016-17 school year.  Your continued partnership is valued.  Thank you!




The following accounts received donations AUGUST 2016 THROUGH JULY 2017:

Alexander Band Booster Alumni Scholarship

Alexander Class of 2015

Tara Bolen

Lois Booth

Charles Butcher

Helen Chase

Christopher Dinos

Cornwell Family

Allie Douglas

Lucy Ebbcomb

Ryan Ferguson

Noah Gillogly

Chris Grant

Vaughn Grigsby

Adam Jolley

Martha Laufman

Danny Llewellyn

Eric Mansfield

Jim and Uva McHarg

Arlene Perry

Thelma Raines

Lee Russell

Kevin Shaner

Edna Stalder

Joe and Mabel Theiss

David Turrill

Patrick and Jerry Wagner

Bill Whaley

Josephine Williamson




Terrance Lee Bishop, 69, of Shade, Ohio, passed away September 8, 2016 in his home peacefully with his wife Ginger Bishop. He was born January 11, 1947, in Cynthiana, Ohio the son of the late Fred and Darlene Bishop.

Terry was a 1964 graduate from Athens High School; joined the U.S. Army and was assigned to multiple airborne infantry units while deployed to Vietnam. He was honorably discharged with multiple decorations. Through the course of his life he worked as a professional electrician and painter.

He was a lifetime member of the VFW post 3477, AMVETS Post 93, and the KT Crossen Post 21 of American Legion. Terry enjoyed fishing and hunting, watching a good OHIO STATE football game along with Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Reds. He was a father and mentor to many and was extremely proud of his grandchildren and their accomplishments. Terry lived by his saying "the main thing is just don't get excited" and he will be remembered and missed by all.

Survived by his wife Ginger Potts Bishop, sister Mary (John) Romine; children Christopher Bishop, Candy Kirkendall (Cory Russell), Andy Kirkendall (Jinny Barnhart), grandchildren Christopher (Courtney) Bishop II, Cierra (Clinton) Sanders, Carey, Cain, Chance Bishop, and Colton Davis; great-grandchildren Robert, Kennedy Bishop, Lily Wheeler and Alexander Bishop; Also a number of lifetime friends including Alan (Darla) Hudnell, Chuck (Tammy) Woodyard and many others.

He was predeceased by late wife Christina Bishop, a son Terrance Lee Bishop II, and dog named Akita.

There will be no services held per request of Terry, he will be cremated. Arrangements were made by Bigony-Jordan Funeral Home. Memorial donations may be made to his son Terrance Lee Bishop II scholarship fund at Alexanders' Future Foundation, P.O. Box 204, Albany, Ohio 45710.



  • 1993--1 scholarship      $500
  • 1994--2 scholarships     $1000
  • 1995--3 scholarships     $1500
  • 1996--6 scholarships     $3000
  • 1997--8 scholarships     $4000
  • 1998--9 scholarships     $4500
  • 1999--14 scholarships   $7000 
  • 2000--15 scholarships   $7500
  • 2001--14 scholarships   $7000
  • 2002--16 scholarships   $9000
  • 2003--16 scholarships   $9000
  • 2004--14 scholarships   $9000
  • 2005--21 scholarships   $12,500
  • 2006--19 scholarships   $12,000
  • 2007--26 scholarships   $17,250
  • 2008--27 scholarships   $17,750
  • 2009--29 scholarships   $21,250
  • 2010--32 scholarships   $20,250
  • 2011--39 scholarships   $23,500
  • 2012--35 scholarships   $21,500
  • 2013--37 scholarships   $24,666
  • 2014--42 scholarships $26,723.00
  • 2015-2016--45 scholarships  $28,500.00
  • 2016-2017--42 scholarships $29,000.00

Total:      512 scholarships   $329,139.00




Alexander’s Future Foundation was established in 1992 by interested community members and school personnel to provide financial support for graduates pursuing post-secondary training. The scholarships are sent directly to the institution for tuition or fees.

Thanks to the generous contributions from community members and Alexander staff, Alexander’s Future Foundation’s principal balance continues to grow, allowing the foundation to use the interest to steadily increase the number of awarded scholarships.

Scholarships based on financial need, academic achievement, intended majors, and/or service to the community will be awarded to Alexander High School students in May of each year.  These begin at $500.




Susie Andrews, Corresponding Secretary for Alexander Employees
Sally Ball
Jay Barnes, Vice-President
Brien Burke, President
Steve Dillinger, Treasurer
Lindy Douglas
Don Gardella
Karrie Hanning
Lois Harkins,  Web Page Designer
John Hutchison
Christy Carsey Lee, Corresponding Secretary for Community
Jim McHarg
Steve Sewell
Sue Wilkes, Recording Secretary




Alexander's Future Foundation meets the 2nd Monday of October, January, February, March, April, May, and June in the Media Center (Library) at the Alexander Local School District complex beginning at 6:00 P.M.

Updated October 16, 2014




  • Kim McHarg Frazier, 1980 Alexander graduate, logo concept
  • Megan Bowen Six, 2001 AFF Scholarship Recipient, stationery design
  • Joyce Bobo and Connie Knowlton, Alexander graduates,--AFF biography brochure
  • Connie Knowlton, Alexander graduate,--AFF original booklet design
  • Lisa Matheny, Alexander graduate,--AFF booklet formatting
  • Susie Andrews and Lois Harkins, Alexander employeess,--AFF booklet formatting
  • Jeremy Sheets and Lois Harkins, Alexander employees,--Web page design




  • Jim McHarg wrote the bylaws for Alexander's Future Foundation?

  • Mabel Burton obtained tax-exempt status for us?

  • Dave Garrod served as the first president of AFF?

  • Peggy and Dave Garrod made the first donation to AFF--a $40 check in memory of Art Cross?

  • The Alexander Lions Club donated $500 seed money?

  • Rick and Penney Rolston pledged a $1000 donation to get us started?

  • Sam and Sheila Theiss donated $10,000 to begin the very first scholarship account--the Joe Theiss Memorial Scholarship?

  • AFF is an all-volunteer organization?

  • Our stationery is donated by a community member?

  • AFF's fees consists of postage, post office box, and filing fees?

  • Our scholarships are based on interest of invested funds?

  • Connie Knowlton and Jim McHarg helped organize a Pumpkin Patch for two years for publicity and any funds we might have received?

  • Jean McCamish organized two Chinese auctions for publicity and funds?

  • Edna Stalder has served as our treasurer for 20 years?

  • Wendy Johnson received the first AFF scholarship?

  • Once a total of $5000 has been earned in an account, a scholarship will be awarded every other year?

  • Once a total of $10,000 has been earned in an account, a scholarship will be awarded every year?

  • Families may write the criteria for their scholarship?




Interested in Creating a Scholarship? Here's How!

It is rather simple to begin a scholarship.  The first step is to donate funds in honor or memory of someone. This starts a record-keeping process that has several checks and balances by the Board of Trustees.  Simply put, the money goes into the general fund; however, very careful records denote the exact total in the account.  Once the fund reaches $5000 by a June 1st deadline, then a scholarship is awarded the following May to an applicant that meets the criteria the family has established. A $5000 total awards a scholarship every other year; whereas, a $10,000 total awards a scholarship every year. 

Families write the scholarship criteria which can be altered in the future.  We simply ask that advanced notice be given so we can change the bios on the web page and in the booklet.  The Board of Trustees selects the students from the applicant pool, but consideration is given to an applicant who meets all the application terms.

An important feature is that the scholarship amounts are derived from INTEREST only and the principal is not touched.  Scholarship amounts vary according to the amount of money in the specific accounts.  As an example, our first scholarship for Joe Theiss has more funds than one that was started later.  Therefore, Joe's scholarship amount might be $750; whereas, the later one might be $500.  As interest has not been too good in recent years, we have still been able to begin scholarship amounts at $500.  We always caution folks that the amount might be a tad lower if interest continues to remain low. Alexander’s Future Foundation is a tax-exempt organization so donations may be listed as contributions on income taxes.

Donations may be mailed to Alexander’s Future Foundation, Post Office Box 204, Albany, Ohio 45710.  Questions may be directed to any member of the Board of Trustees. 




     Contributions may be sent to Alexander's Future Foundation, Post Office Box 204, Albany, Ohio  45710.  If donating in memory or in honor of an individual or group, please list the name on the memo line of the check.  An acknowledgement letter will be sent to you upon receipt.  Further, a letter to the family will be mailed announcing your gift;  however, the amount will be omitted.   Cash donations can be accepted in person at school.   However, please do not leave until a prompt receipt is given.




     How are you doing?  Please send us an update on your many adventures.  Friends and family members of scholarships are interested in you as evidenced by Texan Nancy Thompson who writes:

   "Please tell your recipients that it’s very gratifying to hear from them and know that they appreciate education."~~Nancy is the daughter of William Ray and Margaret Thompson Brooks.





     Please consider applying for an Alexander's Future Foundation Scholarship.  Click on the link below to learn more about this helpful community-based organization.   People whom you will never meet have donated considerable funds to help you have a brighter future.  Why?  Because they believe in you and in Alexander Local Schools.

    After reading the letter and reviewing the application, please read the biographies and check out the photos of the endowned scholarships.  Further, search the website for past recipients dating back to 1992.  You'll also see the photos of the 2016 recipients.  We're eager to add more names and photos in 2017, but we need you to do your part.  

     Complete the application, seek an adult for a letter of recommendation, compose an essay, successfully deal with all the senior paperwork, and apply to the college of your choice.  Mrs. Andrews in the office is eager to receive your application on or before FEBRUARY 28, 2017.

     Best wishes as you complete this exciting and motivating senior year.



     The 2016-2017 application is ready!   This year students will find ONE APPLICATION FORM for both Alexander's Future Foundation AND Alexander Lions Club.   Students may select one or both at the top of the application form. All parts of the application are due to Alexander secretary Susie Andrews ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 28TH by 2:45 P.M.  It is anticiapted that 45 scholarhips will be awarded.

     Printed applications are also available in the Career Center or the senior English classroom.  Please click on the below link to access the interactive application.




Alexander's Future Foundation humbly announces the formation of the Cornwell Family Scholalrship and the Chris Grant Scholalrship.  Once the scholarships are endowed the Cornwell Scholarship will be awarded annually.  Currently funds continue for the Grant Scholarship, which at the present level will be awarded every other year. Many thanks to the Cornwell familly and the friends and family members of the Grant family.


This page was last updated April 18, 2017.

CONTACT:  Lois Harkins at, 740-698-8831, or 740-592-4184.